Prince of Speed

Prince of Speed is an Extreme Sport Competition

It is a 500m Open Water Speed Windsurfing Competition at Plage du Rouet , La Palme, Aude, Occitanie. France.

Here the wind can arrive to blow some gust over 60kts It’s a wild thing  !!

The Competition has a waiting period of 3 weeks: 2 July - 23 July 2018. In this 3 weeks, as soon as good conditions come, the Prince of Speed will be on, for a week .

On site,  

The WSSRC English Commissioner Michael Ellison will be there to ratify any possible Personal Record,

National Record or World Record.

The Starting area it will be on the sea around 20mt from the shore and 200mt on the South of the Rouet.The race it twill be on 500m distance.

 The entrance and in the end of the runs there will be the Cameras of the Video Timing. The Event Village it will be at the Salin de La Palme (road D709 for Port La Nouvelle).

The aim of the Prince of Speed is not just to have the 2 winners… like in a normal race. We would like to achieve also 2 New 500m Open Water World Record.

Who will be the Brave Man fast enough to beat the 44.8kts of Anders Bringdal from Luderitz 2010?

Who will be the Brave Woman ready to beat the 40.05kts of Babette Coquelle from Tarifa 1993?

Come to see the Prince of Speed and you will take your breath away!!!!

Forever Speed  !!!!!

Details of Location

Details of Location