Video Timing

Video Timing by manfred fuchs

My new video timing system was used for the 2017 speed challenge in Luderiz and will be used this year again.

 M y video-software was still used during different speed competitions when I developed from 2004 GPSResults for GPS-based speed-measurements. With Dopplerspeeds and other measures like Dopplerspeed-error margins, error bounds can be specified and reliable results for different categories can be achieved with much less financial and technical effort. My software is used for many international speed competitions (e.g. Weymouth / UK, Sweden, Greece, Germany) and as engine for the GPSSpeedSurfing website. I also developed the Android-App GPSLogIt that can be used as a cheap entry to measure speed and that can be used for online rankings.

Manfred Fuchs Background

I have studied physics and received my PhD in Goettingen / Germany at the Max-Plack-Institut for molecular dynamics. Since 32 years I live in Hamburg and worked for Philips Research and since 2000 for Compumedics Neuroscan as project leader and software developer in brain research. I have two adult daughters and still live in Hamburg together with my girl-friend.

In the early 90's I developed the video-timing for the GSA (German Speedsurfing Association) and later for the VDS (Vereinigung Deutscher Speedsurfer), first with long cables to the cameras, later with wireless video transmission. This set-up was later used by Markus Schwendter when I decided to step back from my responsibilities in the VDS. 

Manfred Fuchs & Windsurf

In 1979 I began windsurfing on a lake near Goettingen, when I moved to Hamburg in 1986 I started speed-surfing on Fehmarn. In 1987 I won the international Speedweek in Hvide Sande / Denmark.

My best GPS 500m speed is 43.27knots and 5x10s 43.52knots